Our Staff Icons Biotech Recruitment Division specializes in recruiting for Biotech, Allied Sciences, and Life Science fields Nationwide, for a number of different institutions and companies ranging from Hospitals and Healthcare Networks, Private Labs, CROs, Medical Device Companies, and Pharmaceutical Companies.

Our Biotech Recruitment Team consists of dedicated scientists that have transitioned into Recruiters, that understand the industry and speak the technical language for the positions we recruit for. They are segmented and assigned to positions within the various scientific divisions they specialize in. Our biotech recruiters not only have the technical expertise, but have the knowledge to thoroughly screen potential scientific professionals. They are educated in the Biotech Industry and focus their recruitment of candidates that are currently looking as well as passive candidates that might not be available now, but develop a relationship with and keep them in their back pocket for future opportunities.

Our Biotech Recruitment Team understands the frustration and countless hours our clients experience trying to recruit on their own. We know that there is a shortage in the industry of scientific talent to go around and understand important timelines and budget constraints our clients are faced with to get the position filled. In order to meet and conquer this challenge, we have built a reputation within the biotech sector as the go-to recruitment firm within the biotech industry, to handle the most challenging positions nationwide.

We have built a scientific pool of candidates we represent nationally for over 25 years and continue to recruit the best talent for our clients in a records speeds, so they can continue meeting their critical staffing demands in the lab.

A Sample of Some of The Industries & Positions – with the list of positions TECHNICAL & PROFESSIONAL – CLINICAL & ACADEMIA RESEARCH:

Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Medical Laboratory Technologist-All Specialties. Blood Bank Professionals, BOARD CERTIFIED: Clinical Geneticist, Anatomic Pathologist, Pathologist, Cytogeneticist, Molecular Geneticist, Pediatric Geneticist, Technical Director, Medical Director, Etc…

  • Cytogenetic Technologist/FISH, Molecular Technologist
  • Cytotechnologists
  • Hematologists
  • Histotechnologists
  • Immunohistochemistry Professionals
  • Bioinformatics, Flow Cytometrist, Cytologists, Laboratory Information Systems
  • Laboratory Managers
  • Laboratory Supervisors
  • Medical Laboratory Technicians
  • Microbiologists
  • Molecular Pathologists
  • Pathologists’ Assistants
  • Toxicology  Professionals
  • Assay  Development Scientist
  • Biomarker Research Scientist
  • Associate Director / Director of Chemistry, Immunoassay & Immunology
  • Associate Director / Director of  Automation & Core Laboratory
  • Bioinformatics Specialties
  • Chemistry Manager
  • CLIA Laboratory Director
  • Cytopathologist
  • Cytotechnologist
  • Dermatopathologist
  • Director of Molecular Genetics
  • Director of Cytogenetics
  • Director of Laboratory Operations
  • Director of Microbiology & Molecular Testing
  • Director of Toxicology
  • Director of Research
  • GI/GU Pathologist
  • Hematopathologist
  • Histology Manager
  • Laboratory Director
  • Laboratory Manager
  • LC/MS Technical Manager
  • Laboratory Operations Manager
  • Manager Anatomic Pathology
  • Pathologist
  • Pediatric Pathologist
  • PhD (various)
  • Processing Manager
  • Research & Development Director
  • Research & Development Scientists
  • Technical Operations Director
  • QA/QC Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Engineers
  • Product Designers
  • Manufacturing Professionals
  • Application Developers
  • Systems Administrators
  • Oracle Developers
  • IT Directors
  • Programmers
  • Network Engineers
  • Analysts
  • Network Administrators and so many more…

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