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We are 100% Contingency Based and There are ZERO Fees Unless you Hire One of Our Candidates.

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Staff Icons is a Global Recruitment Firm focused on helping Biotechnology/Scientific, Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Engineering/Manufacturing, General Office Administration, with their critical searches at all levels throughout the world. Our clients are leaders in their respective industries whose hiring needs have an urgent impact on business success. They range in size from start-up to large enterprise, have complex, unique requirements, and are looking for hard-to-find talent in the market. Organizations come to us to round out their leadership team, build out a team, or to find a critical strategic hire.

Rest assured that we understand your challenges. Whether your priorities are finding the perfect mix of skills for a unique environment, adding diversity to your workforce, hiring for a complex situation, or ensuring the right fit for your business, we’ve got you covered.

Here at Staff Icons we strive to continue to bring you the best possible quality. That dedication has lead us to create specialized teams for industries and disciplines, making sure that our recruiters know exactly what our clients’ needs are. We also continue to develop new services to stay on the forefront of the recruiting industry. Here at Staff Icons our goal is to give all of our clients a personal touch while providing nationwide service.


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