Nationwide Temporary Staffing Division

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  • Speed and Agility – We understand that Temp services are usually needed at a moments notice and can proved excellent employees across numerous industries at the drop of a hat.
  • Quality Candidates – We provide candidates with integrity that believe in exceeding the job’s expectations. Staff Icons conducts extensive interviews, skill assessments, and reference/background checks.
  • Payroll Services – Our goal is to make the on-boarding process as easy for our clients as possible so that they can utilize the employees we provide them as quickly as can be.
  • Long Term Relationships – Once you have tried Staff Icons, you will understand why so many applicants and clients have formed long-term partnership alliances with us.

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Staff Icons knows speed is a competitive advantage in today’s business world. When you need highly skilled temporary employees who are ready to hit the ground running call us. Unlike some temp agencies who do not provide high quality screening, we give you a level of service that is sure to spoil you. You can relax knowing that our temps are thoroughly screened and arrive promptly for their daily, weekly, monthly or long-term assignment and can succeed at the job.


If you or your team is interested in using our services, please contact us directly at:

If you or your team is looking for Employment opportunities please email your resume to or upload your resume directly to our portal and specify what position you are looking for and one of our recruiters will reach out to you!